Saturday, September 30, 2006



African greys like to climb, so I had a friend suspend a wooden parrot, from the ceiling above Fred's cage, the next job was to convince him to climb aboard. As you can see in the photo this he has done. The way I got him to do it was, to tie a sprig of broccolli onto the rope holding the wooden parrot above his reach, so he had to climb aboard to reach it yaay.

The thing is, african greys make very good companions but not very good pets, they have a nasty bite, they tend to be destructive and if you do not treat them right they can become neurotic.

One of the reasons I ended up with Fred was the people who had him before me, did not have a clue, they only let him out of his cage now and again, not that I blame them, they had two young children and probably did not know that an african grey does not make a good pet, in the sense that a dog, cat, or budgie can make a good pet. I feel that I did not buy Fred I rescued him.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


1981 priced beer - this Thursday only

This broke blogger doesn't drink a lot of booze, I've probably had about 10 pints this year but I was intrigued when I heard an item on 6Music last night that beer prices are set to be reduced in pubs for this Thursday. Apparently its the 25th anniversary of something I didn't hear properly and beer will be approx 64p a pint, the same price as 25 years ago. As I said I didn't hear it properly, and have searched unsuccessfully for more information, but I'm sure to venture to the local later this week for a few cheap scoops.
If this is an attempt to kerb binge drinking, its not going to work duh

First post from new contributor. Thanks for having me on board P!

This short video illustrates the fun to be had with the Picco-Z helicopter available for £30. Sure its fun, sure its small, but its not the smallest

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Episode two

In January 1975 I passed my heavy goods driving licence and became a truck driver. The one thing that kind of kept me sane whilst driving a truck, was BBC radio 4 One of my favourate programs was midweek, I especially liked the presenter Libby Purvis mainly because she usually had very interesting people on her show. Today was a good example, you can listen to the program again here One guest I found very interesting, was an ambulance man named Tom Reynolds who has a very interesting blog

One of the interesting bits I came across on Tom's blog was this post
it makes me glad I *own* my own domain, heh heh dollyknot is my domain.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


About me

The thing is about a blog is, what do you write about? Well, I have decided to write what I know the most about - namely me! To put it in a nut shell, I am going to do a sort of autobiography, being that I was born in 1949 up to this time I have 57 years to write about. Unlike most biographies I am not going to start at the beginning I start my account in 1966 with a photograph.

The first job I had when I left school at 15 in the summer of 1964 was at at a firm called Lancashire Dynamo situated in Oxted Surrey.

Around christmas time in 1964, a welder who worked at Lancashire Dynamo told me he had been in the merchant navy, he told me about the life of a merchant seaman, my interest was piqued. In April 1965 I joined the merchant navy, and trained in the art of seamanship at a place called Sharpness in Gloustershire. The official title of the training establishment was TS Vindicatrix (if you want to google it).

The first ship I sailed on was the MV Port Sydney and I sailed to Australia and back. My second voyage was on the Loch Gowan, the photograph at the head of this piece of writing is of the ships bell, before I polished it, it had not been polished for years, it took me hours to put that shine on it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Words my parrot says

I'm writing this, because he said a new word today. Today, he clearly said "bugger" so his vocabulary is hopefully going to grow. Todate I have heard him say, give us a kiss, hello, come on, good boy, bugger.

Monday, September 11, 2006


The punks of mud

The punks of mud think that all people can be bought, with regards to their sense of honour.



Dirty rats run our ball of mud



Is horrified as to how callous the people who run our planet are


News flash

Rich selfish punks run our planet.

Monday, September 04, 2006





Steve Irwin

Cannot believe the news or my reaction, I was only watching him on ITV last night and thinking, why does the guy have to over-emphasise so much, he had a really annoying delivery, but the thing was - if I knew he was on the box I usually watched him.

I think the thing was, I liked him much more than I thought I did, his loss is a tragedy for the world. The response on the 'net has been surprising, all the major websites have lots of coverage about him, the man was much more of an icon than anyone realised. As is always, like the line in the Joni Mitchell song Big Yellow Taxi "That you don't know what you've got Till its gone".

Steve being kissed by a gorilla (says it all really).

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