Sunday, November 20, 2011

> When I watch TV I always abide by a very simple rule - I always mute any
> advertisement. I find it enormously insulting that I'm subject to them.
> And US TV is incredibly bad. I'd estimate that up to one half of every
> show is actually advertisements even on 'news' programs, and even the
> 'news' often is just reports on new products, TV shows etc. which are
> disguised advertisements.
> It is truly continual attempted mind control...
> Edgar

Me too Edgar, I always think the people behind this phenomena break the
'golden rule' 'Do as you would be done by'. The constant repetition is
horrendous, especially with insurance ads. They do not consider the general
public 'one of us', so it is okay to insult our intelligence and moral to try
to brainwash us.

Human culture near world wide, has a big problem, where economics is only seen in terms of money and not about 'resource management'.

Another thing I find infuriating, is hordes of people shoving crap through my
letter box, not addressed to me. I find the waste upsetting in terms of caring about the only planet we have to live on.

The inane drivel talked on the media about jobs and unemployment. The answer is exceedingly simple, define 'work' then share it out. If this was carried out in an efficient manner, I doubt very much whether the entire working population would work more than two days a week.

My definition of 'work' is, the expenditure of energy, to the benefit of
others, that cannot be achieved by machinery and automation.

My definition of the economy is, design it, build it (or grow it) then deliver
it. The rest is information, is it in the right place and is it of the correct
quality? This is achievable via computers and the internet.

In England where the industrial revolution began, the area of an 'acre' was
defined, how big is an acre? Again simple, an acre is about the area of land,
one man with a horse and plough, can work in a day. After the 1st world war
and tractors came on the scene, one man and a tractor could plough around 30 acres a day, so 29 men are out of work, the same principle happened in many different areas of the economy.

Our addiction to the 40 hour week, makes no sense in terms of modern

The principle by which our economies seem to work, is to get as few people as possible, to do as much work as possible for as little money as possible, not strictly slavery but certainly heading in that direction.



Monday, November 07, 2011


Then this

Further musings about what I may have glimpsed nearly 20 years ago. How come the standard model with its great amount of evidence for the four fundamental forces, gives no account for the phenomena that has evolved the ability to hypothesis four fundamental forces in nature?

So I s'pose what I'm trying to suggest is, that life itself is the fifth
fundamental force in the universe.

The fact that life itself has created the 21% oxygen ratio in the atmosphere,
is the kind of thing I'm driving at.

A science fiction writer Olaf Stapledon wrote a mindboggling book that I read many many years ago that sort of started me off.

Another thinker that crosses the border between science and religion is




A confession

I am a writer, I don't just write here, I write in other places on the internet, to name just a few, evolutionary psychology, slashdot, reddit and English Chess forum.

From now on, anything I write on the internet, I will copy to here.

Anyway here is a couple of emails I wrote to EP.

[evol-psych] A fifth force
 From: Peter
 To: "Evolutionary-Psychology"

It came up on this list the other week the idea of a fifth force.

This has got me thinking, the standard model has four fundamental forces, weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic and gravity, granted they have not found evidence yet, for gravity within the atom, I'm given to understand that the search for the Higgs boson is to find that evidence.

So ok they find evidence for the Higgs, but remain ignorant because there is
in fact a fifth force affecting the nature of reality.

This idea hit me back in 1992, whilst delivering a load of biscuits to
Gloucester in my days as a truck driver.

Around that time I had been knocked over by Gleick's book 'Chaos'.

They were reading the bible on the radio, and they read this bit.

      Mathew 13.31
The kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and
sowed in his field. Which is less than all seeds; but when it is grown, it is
greater than the herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the heaven come and lodge in the branches thereof

Suddenly the penny dropped, I felt as though I had found the key to our
history. (Blinded by tears I found it hard to see where I was driving.)
I realised the flap of the butterfly's wing and the parable of the mustard

Are both metaphors describing the same dynamic process.

When I learned of Fiegenbaum's constant and how ubiquitous it is in nature and mere dead piles of rock, I glimpsed a whole universe that existed only to the right of the decimal point. For me ever since I started to study biology, the biggest mystery was morphogenesis, I'm given to understand that you could fit all the information necessary with which to create a blue whale on a DVD, how does this miracle of compression occur?

I suspect a clue is in ratios like PI, they say you can discern no pattern in
PI, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Fiegenbaum's constant is the key, the bit that matters is the fractional point
after the 4, the .669 is the magical bit. What if it is possible that because
this constant is inherent in the geometry of our venous architecture, it is also a causal factor in the amazing history of our species.
The fifth force is the fractional part of Fiegenbaum.
For many years, I perceived history to be chaotic, that was 'till I came
across the mathematics of life via the Mandelbrot set.
It is my hypothesis that there is a deep mathematics to evolution based on
irrational fractions, the scary bit is with the realisation that mathematics
has had a hand on the tiller of history.

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