Thursday, June 14, 2012

The trenches being dug for the drainage pipes.
The truck driver, with a radio controlled crane. Cranes are usually controlled with levers, but this method is more flexible, because the driver can stand where ever is the most efficient place, beside the truck if necessary, to give a better view.     
The floor has now been laid.
The blocks fit into the slots formed by the beams. 
This is called a 'block and beam flooring system, where they would normally concrete the floor directly onto the earth, they have had to use this system instead, because the site used to have trees on it and it might have caused subsidence.
More bricks arrive on an articulated lorry, the trailer has a crane in the middle, that is controlled by the driver with levers, this enables him to unload the truck on his own.
Everything is now ready for the two floors to be laid.
This truck has it own forklift.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Job finished, the catterpillar digger is loaded back on the eight wheeler, to go to another job.

The roller compresses the top dressing, stabilizing everything

The top dressing arrives.

Luke spreads the top dressing around assisted by Monty and Peppy.

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