Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A plan to save the planet

In Iceland they are building a vast hydroelectric system.

They are going to use the electricity to smelt aluminium. I propose a
different plan, that they use the electricity to extract hydrogen from the

The three beautiful attributes of hydrogen are, it can be used to lift things,
make electricity and it is one of the two elements that make up water.

Why not combine all the three attributes of hydrogen to improve the planet and
undo some of the harm, our species appears to be doing.

Put the hydrogen in a vast balloon, attach a motor driven propeller and a
hydrogen compressor, both driven by the hydrogen in the balloon, navigate it
automatically using GPS.

Fly the balloon into the jet stream using the compressor to control the height
of the balloon, use the jet stream to transport the balloon to where water is
required on the planet.

In one cubic mile of uncompressed hydrogen, there is potentially 744316795
gallons of water, which is enough water to fill over a thousand Olympic
swiming pools.

Water is very heavy so would be expensive to transport about, simple just
transport the hydrogen 'coz the oxygen is already there!

Once we can get the water to the dry areas of the planet and grow palm oil
plantations there, we can stop the absolute scandal of chopping down jungle in
Indonesia to plant palm oil plantations and in so doing - destroy the
orangutans environment.

Imagine a plentiful supply of water in the middle of Australia or in the

More water in dry areas means more plants means less carbon dioxide in the

If the water is stored at the top of mountains then hydroelectricity could be
made when the water is needed at the bottom of the mountain.

The electricity generated when the hydrogen and oxygen are combined in a fuel
cell, could be used to create fertilizer and if there were any juice left
over, you could always smelt aluminium with it :)

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