Sunday, July 28, 2013

One hobby I've long enjoyed, as you can see on this I s'pose my main blog, is photography.

I think what I enjoy more than anything else, is photographies two completely separate natures.
The two elements being recording things, the other being the artistic nature of a photograph. Getting a picture that is both aesthetically pleasing and information rich being the goal. The reason for all the building photographs is historical, when the new houses have residents I will take pleasure in giving them the link to this blog, so they can see the process of their home being built.

A couple of years ago, my father passed away and all his children sort of took, what they wanted from his home. I had a ladder, a compost bin and an electric scooter. A compost bin is a fun thing to have, recycling kitchen any garden waste gives me pleasure, the weird thing being I'm hopeless as a gardiner. But when I take the lid off, all the living things that I can see, give me an ecological thrill. There are slugs, snails, ants and woodlice visible.

One of the things I really enjoy about my nexus 4 phone, is it's excellent camera. So I have started photographing the interior of my compost bin. Here are my first two photo's.

 You can see the remains of a meal of spaghetti. I will photograph it again in a bit.

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