Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nice sunny start to the day.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Saturday, February 08, 2014

About 14 years ago I had a minor stroke which affected my right hand side, basically I lost the ability to make tiny movements, for someone who was right handed a bit of an inconvenience. Basically I lost the ability to sign my name, finger pick my guitar and anything that required accuracy.

Another thing that happened and this is what this post is about, I started to type one handed, so started to look into a dedicated one handed keyboard and found one called a FrogPad, apart from issues with the build quality, the actual design is very good and it is not difficult to get 30 to 40 WPM with it, and the important bit is, it is easy to touch type with it, I often find myself looking out of the window or watching TV whilst typing.

A while ago my 'e' key stopped working so I use another small keyboard under my right hand to get the 'e'. The FrogPad company have been promising us a new model for ages and ages, and it seems at last they are going to ship a new model speaking personally I can't wait. Also a FrogPad would be nice for someone who is a normal two handed person, the speed and beauty of touch typing with one hand, whilst using a mouse with the other hand. For someone who works with a computer, this will surely increase productivity.

To get more details go here      

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Yes yes I know, it has been a long while, but from now on, this blog is the official blog for my Dollyknot website, it used to be called 'new blog', but it has been around since 2005, so is far too old, to be called new, like me really.

As you have seen, it has it's own link right at the top left, after the Random button, which incidentally the code for which, was written in Java script, by a young genius named Louis Jackman.    

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