Friday, July 31, 2009

Many years ago I was parked in a layby with my truck and this fellar came up to me and said "sell me some of your diesel - no one will know" quick as a flash I came back to him and said "yes someone will know, I will know!" and wound the window up and completely ignored this not know it all fellar.

Monday, July 20, 2009


A new idea

The high cost to the human race's colonisation of space is caused by the complexity and danger of reaching and leaving escape velocity within the earth's atmosphere.

The Space Shuttle turned out to be an expensive dangerous white elephant, the reason the Shuttle was so expensive is, because of its complexity with millions of different manufactured parts.

There is another route, we can reach the edge of space no problem Burt Rutan proved this with Space Ship one, when he won the 'X' prize by reaching over 100 km twice in one week.

Yes the Shuttle was 'reusable' but in name only. They could not have turned that around in a week.

One idea could be to create rocket fuel on the moon, there is lots of water on the moon, use solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen which makes very good rocket fuel.

Use the rocket fuel to fuel a space tug, use the space tug to accelerate and decelerate Space Ship one, to and from escape velocity in the safety of a vacuum.

The moon is the door to the solar system.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Driving through the lowlands

From 1987 to 1995 I was a continental truck driver, so driving on the other side of the road was no stranger to me, the only problem being I tended to drive my car like it was a truck, sort of acting like I had a 40ft trailer behind me.

The thing that sort of impressed me was how my mobile kept up with which country I was in, all part of the Vodafone group of course.

We took a diversion through a small town called Breda in Holland that H liked.

Many years ago I lived in Amsterdam and one things I really liked about the Dutch, was the order that is readily apparent in their cities was tinged with a touch of anarchy. One of the funniest examples for this was that everybody stole bikes, the point being is there was that there was that many bikes about that it did not really matter.

I noticed the same sort of thing in Breda - a nest of bikes.

It would not surprise me if I went back there over a week later to find the same bikes in the same place as a sort of cultural street statement .

Decided to sample a Dutch coffee shop, very nice.

The reason for my trip to Peterborough for a passport, is a friend of mine who has children in Gutersloh Germany, wanted to pay them a visit.

He would normally drive there in his car, but this time he asked me if I would like to drive him there in my Citroen with him covering the fuel and ferry costs, so I thought it sounded ok as a deal and the chance to have an interesting experience.

So we set off at 2:45 PM to arrive at Dover by 6 PM.

It felt familiar to have the deck move under my feet again. We arrived at Dunkirk around 2 hours later.

Saturday, July 04, 2009



It is very warm in the UK at the moment.

My themometer reads 30 Celcius therein lies the reason for this post, I
grew up with Fahrenheit in this scale. the temperature is 86 which is
more poetical than 30, which sounds cold.

So my suggestion is we switch to Kelvin.

Todays temperature is 303.15 Kelvins which sounds much warmer.

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