Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Hydrogen to the moon


I've had an idea that would make the moon habitable, the one thing that life seems to need in great abundance, is water, water is the key to human problems, not guns.

What we discovered on the moon is lots of oxygen. The lunar crust is 40 percent oxygen. It is a case of, instead of 'just add water', 'just add hydrogen'.

So how do we get the hydrogen to the moon?

When the space shuttle goes to space, it is fueled by water. Okay the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen, but strike a match and you have lovely clean rocket fuel. When the shuttle takes off, it makes it rain at Cape Canaveral.

Why not use the hydrogen and oxygen in a radically different way?

Fill a massive balloon with hydrogen, do this in Iceland, where energy is cheap.

Make the hydrogen lift a tank of oxygen.

When the hydrogen balloon reaches its ceiling, use the oxygen and hydrogen, in a fuel cell to drive an ion rocket.

Use the ion drive to increase the hydrogen balloon's orbital velocity, ergo, as the orbital velocity increases, the hydrogen balloon will get higher.

This idea has been shown to work here OK it would take a long time to get hydrogen to the moon this way, but it would be a cheap way of greening the moon.

Mix 67 percent oxygen and 33 percent hydrogen and you get a 100 percent water, plus a lovely loud bang to boot.

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