Friday, January 11, 2013

Thursday, 10/01/13 09:09:21 Overcast, not very warm. Did nice Reddit comment last night about favorite word being ontological and got a five for it. Lost badly last night. Lost it in the opening called the Austrian defense don't ever remember seeing it before. Opened with my normal d4 black replied d5 did my usual c4 the reply c5 sort of threw me. Main line is then cxd5 which I did not do, instead I did dxc5 which allows black to push the d pawn, what I did, gave up the center. Now allowing the monster to play it out. Forgot that I had used Stockfish v Crafty so obviously Stockfish won now using the correct analysis kit. The lads are back over the road, nothing seems to be happening saw them sitting down upstairs. Had a new idea that being uploading this to my he3 blog thus sharing it with the world. Last night's game play by Stockfish ended up a win for white, because machine went cxd5. The moral is fight for the center. Lads gone from over the road so next stage not happening yet. Misty now. Voyager not one I remember, mildly good, dead crew woman comes back, who ensign Kim was in love with episode 'Ashes to Ashes' she decides to return to the alien species who resurrected her. Also second story going on about Borg children from yesterdays episode. Susan Polgar's puzzle 7r/r1p2k1p/2Bb2pB/p1n2p2/3R3P/2P5/1P3PP1/1K2R3 w - - 0 1 had one try, not done yet, giving it a rest. Mm not an easy one. ¦ 0 y, 2,210,000 G ¦ Didn't see key Rxd6 pxR Bd+ Kf6 forced Be3 if king moves to e file bishop discovers attack on h rook or if king moves to g7 bishop skewers rook. Nice tactic Now to practice it, after meal. Converted no problem, what I should have seen was how restricted in movement the king was, the sad thing was that, I did not even analyse the exchange sac. 16:25:18 TB 2kr1b2/2p1qp1r/p2p3p/6p1/2QBb3/1B6/PP3PPP/2R2RK1 w - - 0 1 bit simple Bf6.

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