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In 1963 a new math and science was born, called in my estimation somewhat pejoratively 'chaos theory' I prefer the term 'non linear dynamics'.

One scary aspect of this new understanding, is we now know that of the future, is the impossibility of any prediction of what the weather will do.

The weather at the present is rather scary, because it is world wide, if what I'm scared of is actually in the process of unstoppably happening, well welcome to the next ice-age.

We know of the Atlantic conveyor that runs from the gulf of Mexico eastwards, /to the UK and Europe, the conveyor conveys heat from the tropics to the higher or //lower latitudes, in fact spreading the heat over the whole planet, by virtue of watery current convection, we are all warmed.

The gulf stream is part of a larger global current called The Thermohaline Circulation

The theory is when this current stops the earth has another ice age.

There is strong evidence for past ice ages, perhaps ice ages are a kind of safety valve, for when life gets ahead of itself in terms of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, maybe.

It appears that the salinity of the water near the north pole is the on off switch, and as the earth heats up, (by what ever means) more fresh water is dumped in this area, which below a level of salinity stops the sinking effect that freezing 'salt water' has that drives Europe's central heating system.

I am unclear as to whether it is too late, but I would say one way to reverse this direction of carbon dioxide , is to lower the amount the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This can be achieved by two measures.


All the people who drive to work, to sit in front of a computer and talk on a tellingbone should do so from home.

This will save billions of tons of fuel and carbon dioxide.


The Icelandic economy is in ruins and they only have a population of around 300,000.

But what Iceland does have in abundance, is lots of electricity, the plan is to use this abundance of electricity to smelt aluminium NO, use this abundant elec, to shift water and elec around the planet, use the water and power to grow plants, use the plants to feed the starving and most important of all 'SUCK THE CARBON DIOXIDE OUT OF THE AIR'.

Hydrogen is beautifully simple, it lifts stuff, can make electricity and is 2/3's the components of water, because it takes two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, to make one molecule of water.

One cubic mile of gaseous hydrogen contains enough hydrogen to create 744316795 million gallons of water, which is well over a thousand Olympic swimming pools of water.

Put the cubic mile of hydrogen in a vast mylar balloon, make the balloon, carry a hydrogen compressor, a tank to store the compressed  hydrogen in and a GPS system driven by a light and powerful computer such as a Nokia n900 and some fuel cell driven propellers.

So using Icelandic electricity create hydrogen and fill a vast mylar balloon with it, harness the balloon via cables, to dynamos on the ground, spin the dynamos on the ground to create more electricity, use the extra electricity to create even more hydrogen.

Once the square mile of mylar is filled with hydrogen,
set it loose and as it arises - admire its gracefulness, as it heads for the jet stream.

Once the balloon is nearing the point of balance in the jet stream, ie rises no higher, the hydrogen in the MB (mylar balloon) starts to be compressed into the tank the MB is carrying slung beneath it.

This will control the MB's height in the atmosphere, in just the same way as a submarine controls its depth in the water.

The trick is, by using the energy implicit in the anti-entropic engineering achieved by separating hydrogen from water.

We can put clean water and electricity anywhere on our planet, with the electricity being cheaply created in Iceland, where ever we need water on the planet, just take the hydrogen 'coz the oxygen is already there, the oxygen created when the hydrogen is seperated in Iceland, will reunite with the oxygen, when it arrives in the Sahara.

Please grow palm oil nuts in the Sahara and stop chopping down jungle in Indonesia and depriving Orangutans of their homes.

I heard one twat on radio 4, say that water is precious, I presume this ignoramus has never been to sea, our wonderful planet has an abundance of water, the trick is to get it to the right place.

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